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Here you will find the speaker presentations from our annual brain injury conferences. We thank our speakers for sharing this material and hope that you find it beneficial for training and educational purposes.


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Professor Rodger Wood: Perspectives of Neurobehavioural Disability over the Past Four Decades Slides

Professor Huw Williams: Neurobehavioral Disability and the Criminal Justice System Slides

Lynzi Jarman: Introducing trauma-led practice to Welsh youth offending teams Slides

Worthington: Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation-Where do we go from here Developing a Conceptual Paradigm for the 21st Century Slides

Professor Jon Evans: Rehabilitation of Dysexecutive Impairments Slides

SASNOS Slides part 1
SASNOS Slides part 2

McMillan: NBR-A Future of Opportunities and Challenges Slides

Yeates & Khan – Supporting Relationships After Acquired Brain Injury

Alderman & Williams: SASNOS

Alderman: Management of Aggression

Wilson OBE: Rehabilitation of Everyday Cognitive Deficits

Worthington: Management of Disinhibition

PowerPoint Presentations:

Professor Nick Alderman & Dr Claire Williams 2019 – Prevalence and Predictors of Neurobehavioural Disability amongst Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors in the Community
Professor Barbara Wilson 2019 – Research for Clinicians
Dr Tracey Ryan-Morgan 2019 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Where the Frontal Lobes Meet the Mental Capacity Act
Dr Leona Rose & Dr Andrew Leigh 2019: Neurorehabilitation in Secure Services
Dr Fisher & Dr Kemp 2019 – Building Innovative Models of Positive Psychotherapy for People Living with Acquired Brain Injury
Dr Giles Yeates 2018: Developing a Community Mind-Body Intervention in Neuro Rehabilitation
Dr Richard Maddicks 2018: Grey Lag Geese, Kaleidoscopes and the Perils of Independence: Why Relationships Matter in Neuro Rehabilitation
Professor Nick Alderman 2018: Someone to Watch Over Me: The Impact of Self-Monitoring Training on Behavioural Symptoms of Neurobehavioural Disability
Louise Smith 2018: Using a Transdisciplinary Team (TDT) Approach in an Inpatient Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Setting: Overcoming Challenges when Disciplines integrate in a TDT Approach
Dr Jessica Fish 2018: Making it up as we go along: Rehabilitation of confabulation in people with acquired brain injury
Dr Mark Holloway 2018: Case Managing the Environmentally Governed in the Ungovernable Environment of the Community:Neurobehavioural Disability in the Badlands We Call Home
Dr Sara da Silva Ramos 2016: INPA Multi-Site Study of Neurobehavioural Disability-Which Measures Should We Use Slides

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