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Here you will find the speaker presentations from our annual brain injury conferences (2016-2019 Flyers). We thank our speakers for sharing this material and hope that you find it beneficial for training and educational purposes.

Note: © The training resources on this page may be used free of charge for educational and training purposes. Any unauthorised reproduction, copying or re-recording of this material will constitute an infringement of copyright. Do not reproduce without permission.

Professor Rodger Wood: Perspectives of Neurobehavioural Disability over the Past Four Decades Slides

Professor Huw Williams: Neurobehavioral Disability and the Criminal Justice System Slides

Lynzi Jarman: Introducing trauma-led practice to Welsh youth offending teams Slides

Worthington: Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation-Where do we go from here Developing a Conceptual Paradigm for the 21st Century Slides

Professor Jon Evans: Rehabilitation of Dysexecutive Impairments Slides

SASNOS Slides part 1
SASNOS Slides part 2

McMillan: NBR-A Future of Opportunities and Challenges Slides

Yeates & Khan – Supporting Relationships After Acquired Brain Injury

Alderman & Williams: SASNOS

Alderman: Management of Aggression

Wilson OBE: Rehabilitation of Everyday Cognitive Deficits

Worthington: Management of Disinhibition

PowerPoint Presentations:

Professor Nick Alderman & Dr Claire Williams 2019 – Prevalence and Predictors of Neurobehavioural Disability amongst Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors in the Community
Professor Barbara Wilson 2019 – Research for Clinicians
Dr Tracey Ryan-Morgan 2019 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Where the Frontal Lobes Meet the Mental Capacity Act
Dr Leona Rose & Dr Andrew Leigh 2019: Neurorehabilitation in Secure Services
Dr Fisher & Dr Kemp 2019 – Building Innovative Models of Positive Psychotherapy for People Living with Acquired Brain Injury
Dr Giles Yeates 2018: Developing a Community Mind-Body Intervention in Neuro Rehabilitation
Dr Richard Maddicks 2018: Grey Lag Geese, Kaleidoscopes and the Perils of Independence: Why Relationships Matter in Neuro Rehabilitation
Professor Nick Alderman 2018: Someone to Watch Over Me: The Impact of Self-Monitoring Training on Behavioural Symptoms of Neurobehavioural Disability
Louise Smith 2018: Using a Transdisciplinary Team (TDT) Approach in an Inpatient Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Setting: Overcoming Challenges when Disciplines integrate in a TDT Approach
Dr Jessica Fish 2018: Making it up as we go along: Rehabilitation of confabulation in people with acquired brain injury
Dr Mark Holloway 2018: Case Managing the Environmentally Governed in the Ungovernable Environment of the Community:Neurobehavioural Disability in the Badlands We Call Home
Dr Sara da Silva Ramos 2016: INPA Multi-Site Study of Neurobehavioural Disability-Which Measures Should We Use Slides

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