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The SASNOS provides the following benefits to healthcare providers, commissioners, patients, and brain injury professionals:


  1. Designed specifically for ABI with sufficient items to capture the diversity of NB
  2. Ratings made at an early stage of recovery can be used as a baseline to track progress in rehabilitation and help clinicians set treatment goals
  3. Based on the conceptual framework underpinned by the WHO ICF
  4. Comprehensive and robust psychometric properties
  5. Availability of normative data, as well as self and proxy version
  6. Standardised scores to enable rapid identification of rehabilitative goals
  7. Known indicators of internal responsiveness, enabling detection of clinically important, meaningful change on repeat assessment
  8. Optional dependency ratings enable item weighting to reflect autonomy / support needs
  9. Repeat assessment enables monitoring of rehabilitation efficacy
  10. Facilitates communication by providing a common outcome measurement relevant to all those working in brain injury rehabilitation
  11. Suitable for a wide range of settings, and for research and clinical purposes
  12. Informs cost savings
  13. Psychometric credentials enables it to be used as a measure of service efficacy
  14. Adopted worldwide
  15. Website support and availability of training events
  16. Available in multiple languages


SASNOS end-users have also reported the following benefits:


  1. Helps to convey complex information on needs, progress, and outcome to patients, families, and commissioners
  2. Ensures interventions are tailored to needs
  3. Aids seamless delivery of treatment across services and intra- and inter-disciplinary teams
  4. Provides a means of auditing the level and type of NBD services can accommodate
  5. Allows identification of people with ABI who can be managed appropriately vs. those that cannot
  6. SASNOS proxy ratings elicited from families gives them a ‘voice’, helping to establish the right support for the whole family.


For further information on how the SASNOS can be used and its usefulness across different settings, please see our testimonials page.


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