Lewys Zastapilo writes about his Week of Work

I just finished my BA in American Studies and decided to do an extended Week of Work (2 weeks, in reality) with Evelien as I had no prior administrative experience and no real idea of what such work included. Turns out, it’s really enjoyable. The past two weeks have proved to be a challenging and rewarding experience as I completed several tasks that I wasn’t sure if I would be capable of finishing. As such, I’ve developed several useful skills and greatly boosted my confidence in administrative work.

The first of the two main projects that I was put to work on was to help with organising next year’s Summer School in Ancient Languages. My main task here was to compile the feedback from this year’s School. This involved transcribing written feedback, compiling the answers from questionnaires into tables, and presenting all the information effectively. The positive feedback was then sent on to the teachers, which they thoroughly enjoyed. I also used skills I’ve learned throughout University to compile the postal addressed of universities, libraries, museums and local schools and organise them onto easily printable label template, saving a lot of time in the future.

The second project that I worked on was the Cymru Wales Classics Hub (CWCH). This involved creating posters for two upcoming events using Publisher and using Weebly to edit the website. Both of these proved to be a valuable learning experience for me as I had never used either of these applications. The website is looking great now:http://cymruwalesclassicshub.weebly.com.

I’ve enjoyed the past two weeks and would like to thank Evelien for giving me this opportunity and supporting me throughout whenever I needed help with anything. The experience and skills I’ve gained from this will benefit me greatly in the future and for this I am incredibly grateful.

Written by Lewys Zastapilo