Student Research


Our Department is proud to host the online student research journal Clasuron, coordinated by a team of student editors and Dr Stephen Harrison. It features first-class assignments from our Department on various themes, and all students with first-class marks are invited to take part.

Issue 1 on Reception in Action: Student Projects about the Ancient World (May 2016) can be found here: Clasuron issue 1.

Issue 2 on Roman Theatre and Spectactle (January 2017) can be found here: Clasuron issue 2.

Issue 3 on Alexander the Great (May 2017) can be found here: Clasuron issue 3.

Issue 4 on the theme of Identity  (May 2018) can now be found here: Clasuron Issue 4.

Clasuron builds onto the concept of Gorffennol, the student research journal we ran when together with History when we were one department. You can look here to find previous issues of Gorffennol which included work by Classics, Ancient History, and Egyptology students.

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