Podcasts, Videos, and Online Interviews

On this page you can access podcasts, videos, and online interviews that feature our staff. Follow the links below to hear and read about them discussing their research and sharing ideas about the ancient world beyond the classroom!

Recent podcasts

In this episode of Exploring Global Problems, Nigel Pollard discusses his work on the protection of heritage in conflict zones around the world and why it is important from both a moral and philosophical perspective. Drawing on his work in places such as Syria, Egypt and Italy, Nigel discusses how protecting heritage can help to rebuild communities broken apart by conflict, the importance of heritage sites to local and national economies and how armed forces on peace-keeping missions can win the support of local communities by respecting local heritage. Podcast link: https://www.swansea.ac.uk/research/podcasts/nigel-pollard/

From the archives!

Listen to Fritz-Gregor Herrmann’s paper ‘Divine dealers and distributors – Demeter, Damia, and other daimones’ that was delivered as part of the conference ‘That Other Crowd. Nethergods in the ancient Greek mythical imagination’ hosted by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (München, Germany) (2017): https://cast.itunes.uni-muenchen.de/clips/lTWC612puG/vod/high_quality.mp4