Helping people following venous thromboembolism

A key aim of our research is to develop a psychological intervention to help people following VTE. We are presently developing and piloting a self-help intervention to help people following VTE. Our qualitative research identified that many people felt they lacked information about VTE and its treatment, and experienced significant health anxiety following the event. Our intervention therefore provides information about VTE, its treatment and some simple strategies for dealing with any anxiety or worries individuals may experience. It is presently being piloted, and we intend to modify and test a revised version in a fully powered randomised controlled trial. If you would like to see the intervention in this early stage, please follow the link.

Whether you are a health professional or person who has experienced a VTE, we would be happy for you to download the intervention and use it (we ask for a few details about yourself before you can access it). If you have any comments about the intervention we would also be grateful, and may be guided by them while we develop its revised version.

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