April 2016 :

Prof Lorenzo-Dus gives keynote address in Chile on the use of compliments as deceptive trust development in online grooming contexts

February 2016:

Dr Izura presents in Tenerife (Spain) the results of her work with Professor Lorenzo-Dus on online grooming profiles

October 2015:

Prof Lorenzo-Dus gives paper at Valencia University (Spain) based on the findings of her research with Dr Izura on the Online Grooming Communication Model

April 2015:

Prof Lorenzo-Dus gives keynote address in Colombia on trust and influence in online communication, including in online grooming contexts.

March 2015:

Dr Izura and Prof Lorenzo-Dus participate in online grooming prevention workshop run by ???

February 2014:

Prof Lorenzo-Dus and Dr Izura deliver public lecture on Online Grooming: facts, myths and prevention concerns at Swansea University (part of Research Week)


(1) Online Grooming: A Communicative Approach (BTG; November 2013-June 2014)

Aim: to develop a communicative profile of online sexual predators.

RQ1: In a corpus of text-based online interactions between paedophiles and youngsters, is it possible to identify the different stages of grooming?

RQ2: Do online sexual predators display a characteristic communicative profile (i.e., an identifiable use of words, grammar, discourse)? Does this profile differ according to different grooming stages?

Corpus: c. 75,000 words (25 complete online grooming chats) from PervertedJustice.com


RQ1: yes – OGC Model

RQ2: no – more than one groomer profile, different parameters for different profiles

(2) OG: From communicative modelling to paedophile profiles (Research and Innovation Fund, College of Arts and Humanities, Swansea University; October 2014- June2015)

  • Objectives:

a.Validate OGC model

b.Advance analysis of OGC profiling

c.Public engagement / impact activities

  • Corpus: c. 150,000 words (75 complete online grooming chats) from PervertedJustice.com

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