About Us

The concept of the annual review was developed by a final year Biochemistry student, April Rees. Along with the help of Dr Ed Dudley, a Biochemistry and Genetics lecturer, we have turned the concept into a reality, with the help of an editing team comprised of students.

The 2017 team.

April Rees, Final year Biochemistry – Creator and editor in chief

Dr Ed Dudley, Biochemistry and Genetic lecturer – Editor and leading staff member.

Jessica May Marsh, 1st year Genetics – Editor

Jainaba Sallah-Conteh, 2nd year Medical Biochemistry – Editor

Amy Noble, 2nd year Graduate Entry Medicine – Editor

Nafi Dilaver, 2nd year Graduate Entry Medicine – Editor

Caryl Richards, 3rd year Graduate Entry Medicine – Editor

Maria Carisi’, PhD – Editor