The Political and Cultural Studies Department at Swansea University have decided to create a biannual undergraduate journal to showcase some of the excellent first-class work produced by its students.

We would like to thank Evelien Bracke for the insight she provided and the knowledge she instilled in us to create and run an undergraduate journal. Many thanks also go to Harry Maines-Allen for suggesting the name Populo.

Political and Culture Studies covers a wide range of subjects under the umbrellas of American Studies, Politics and International Relations, and War and Society – the name needed to encapsulate all these elements. Populo is the Latin for ‘by the people’ but can also be translated as ‘for the people.’ As the journal is led by students, comprised of the work of students, and for the students, it plays on this idea. It is also reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln’s speech nicely encompassing the various interests of each subject area. The current editorial team consists of four dedicated students and support from Eugene Miakinkov.


Chief Editor

Frances Smith



Anastasia Anderson

International Relations

Louis Bromfield


Thomas Howard

War and Society



Volume 2 Issue 1 Team

Chief Editor – Frances Smith

Editor – Anastasia Anderson

Editor – Louis Bromfield

Editor – Thomas Howard